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Nautic games



"One of the characteristics of an excellent "skipper" is a well-trained reaction time.

To demonstrate this, the teams will be given a 7-key remote control with which they will interact with an electronic system in order to answer as quickly and correctly as possible the questions posed by the presenter and displayed on a screen.


The questions will be related to nautical topics, major sporting events, famous movies, soundtracks, quizzes about the most famous people in history... plus some quizzes about Tuscany and the surrounding area.


The activity is based on 3 game levels, each marked by an answer mode (multiple choice, true or false, buzz questions). A fun interactive quiz for a cheerful and dynamic activity.


With this activity, teams (tables) will be able to collect points useful for the final ranking.





We live in the digital age, but at sea, in exceptional cases, technology can fail, and as you may have seen in a gripping movie on the subject, a good navigator must always be able to resort to the older but not obsolete communication codes, such as the use of signal flags and Morse code.


Code & Communication is a fun and engaging activity in which teams, equipped with the appropriate tools, must decipher, learn and communicate in a short period of time messages of vital importance to their "simulated" survival at sea. Again, the scores obtained will contribute to the final ranking.


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