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Molo 7

The new Cafeteria in the Marina Square

Welcome to Molo 7, the new jewel overlooking the Marina di Scarlino. This pastry bar with a breathtaking view of the sea is the ideal place to start the day with a dream breakfast. Freshly baked pastries and the aroma of coffee mingle with the sea breeze to create an enveloping atmosphere that awakens the senses. Each cup of coffee is a journey of the senses, accompanied by flaky croissants and delicate cakes.


At sunset, Molo 7 is transformed into a magical experience. The warm colours of the sky are reflected in the sea, creating a unique spectacle. It is the perfect time for an aperitif with fine wines or sophisticated cocktails. Enjoy these delicacies while the serenity of Marina di Scarlino envelops you.

 Every moment spent at Molo 7 is an unforgettable experience. The exquisite pastries, the intense aroma of the coffee, the breathtaking view of the sea: all of this becomes an emotional embrace. This is where time stands still and every wish comes true. Molo 7 offers you unforgettable moments, a journey of sensations and flavours that will stay with you forever.


Come and discover the timeless charm of Molo 7. Let yourself be seduced by its beauty and let your heart be filled with joy. Here you will find an oasis of relaxation and sweetness, where your senses will be lulled by the sea breeze and pampered by authentic flavours. Molo 7 is ready to welcome you and offer you a unique experience. Don't miss it.


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+39 345 769 3764