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Kuma Gallery

Contemporary art experiences at Marina di Scarlino

Kuma Gallery is an exhibition area that promotes artworks inspired by sea elements and by the water. Tuscany Maremma is a place of great historical importance. Since Etruscan and Roman settlements within the Scarlino bay, a deep bond with the sea has been the main connection among different cultures, as well as a guide towards a future of sustainability and sharing.

Marina di Scarlino, born by the sea and committed to protecting the environment, has brought this cultural heritage to public attention by opening the Kuma Gallery in the heart of its building. Each temporary and exclusive exhibition is the result of a careful selection of artworks made by both the artistic management of the Marina and Nous Art Gallery. This Gallery has been chosen as curator because its philosophy corresponds to Marina’s mission. According to Nous, art is the result of the synergy between man and natural elements, indeed.

Starting from May 2022, Kuma Gallery will host the exhibition “Kósmos” by Roberto Ghezzi. Part of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to associations committed to promoting sustainability. Devote time to yourself: have a full immersion in contemporary art. We look forward to welcoming you!