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Zero Distanze

The panoramic restaurant that makes everybody happy

From receptions to nice family nights, Zero Distanze is the pizzeria-restaurant that satisfy every taste. Its secrets are high-quality ingredients and a talented pizzaiolo (pizza maker). Paolo Biagiotti, co-owner with Sara Matteuzzi, tells us what characterized his business.

Hi Paolo, how was the project Zero Distanze born?
Ours is one of the first restaurants opened at the Marina di Scarlino. At first, in 2012, we offered pizza by slice and pâtisserie. I am a baker, indeed. In order to satisfy our costumers’ request to have lunch or dinner, in 2014 we have become a pizzeria-restaurant. We prepare delicious fish or meat dishes as well as pizza: we make everybody happy!

We select only seasonal high-quality ingredients, also provided by local suppliers. Our wine list is made of Tuscan wines. We use only the best flours on the market, and we cook with extra virgin olive oil. Moreover, we prefer to offer homemade pasta, and we have a vegetarian selection.

The new entry of the year is the “pizza al padellino”, a gourmet pizza made with high hydration dough and enriched by special toppings. Our classic pizzas are made with a 48-h dough. Both solutions are very tasty and easy to digest. Our pizzaiolo is also a teacher of the Italian School of Pizzaioli. In wintertime, we host courses for those willing to learn about this job, indeed. Our desserts are another key factor: homemade, no preparation, amazing. Our clients love them!

What will I experience if I reserve a table at Zero Distanze?
Our clients choose us for the variety of our offers, as well as for the quality and the goodness of our dishes. The magical atmosphere of the Marina and our terraces overlooking the Tuscan Archipelago enrich the experience even more. Whether you wish to taste fresh fish or a delicious pizza, having lunch or dinner at Zero Distanze will be a wonderful moment.

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