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Boat Conciergerie

From the impeccable cleanliness of your boat to the tasting of typical local products, from tailor-made music by a private DJ to the professionalism of a chef on board, the Marina di Scarlino thinks of everything to guarantee you a relaxing stay.


Can't find the service you're looking for?

No problem! The Marina di Scarlino is at your disposal to create a tailor-made experience for you.


Contact us and our dedicated staff will be happy to help you customise your stay according to your needs and desires.


Discover our services:

Boat Cleaning


Imagine your yacht always in perfect condition, ready to welcome you with impeccable comfort and hygiene. Our professional cleaning service takes care of every detail to guarantee you a truly special stay on board.


A team of dedicated experts:

- Carry out a thorough inspection of your boat to define a customised work plan.
- Evaluates with you your needs and the cleaning times required.
- Uses state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques.


Customised cleaning:

- Before your arrival: we prepare your yacht to welcome you in the best possible way, with a thorough interior and exterior cleaning.
- During your stay: we take care of the daily cleaning, ensuring an impeccable environment at all times.
- After your departure: we leave your yacht in perfect condition, ready for your next trip.

Laundry Washing


Linen always fresh and fragrant: our laundry service on board

Forget worries about laundry on board! Our laundry service takes care of sheets, towels and more, guaranteeing you optimal comfort during your yachting stay.


A complete and personalised service:

- Collection and delivery: we take care of the collection of your linen directly on board and return it perfectly washed and ironed.
- Tailor-made service: we can customise the service to suit your needs, including the washing of personal clothing or other textile items.

Hotel linen hire


In addition to the laundry service, you can also hire high-quality towels, just like the ones we offer in our resort flats.


Fluffy towels and cotton bathrobes: everything you need for a comfortable stay on board.


You won't have to worry about bringing your own linen from home, you can travel light and enjoy your yachting holiday to the full.

Personal Laundry


With our personal laundry service, you can enjoy your yachting stay without worrying about your wardrobe.


A complete and personalised service:

- Pick-up and drop-off: we collect your clothes directly on board and return them to you clean and ironed in a short time.
- Washing and ironing: we use environmentally friendly products and state-of-the-art washing and ironing techniques to treat each garment gently.
- Care of every detail: we pay attention to delicate garments, with hand washing and steam ironing when necessary.
- Tailor-made service: we can customise the service to suit your needs, including hand washing of delicate garments or steam ironing service.

Supply of typical local products


Imagine sipping a glass of local wine while admiring the breathtaking view from your yacht. Or enjoying a gourmet dinner prepared with the finest local produce.


Delight your senses with our aperitif boxes, dinner boxes and local wine selections, offering an authentic taste of our local culture and gastronomy.

Private flights


Forget the stress of travelling and enjoy an exclusive trip by plane or helicopter to and from the Marina di Scarlino.


Our Air Transfer service allows you to reach your destination quickly, comfortably and safely, using Cessna and private helicopters in the immediate vicinity of the marina.

- Customised flights: choose your departure and/or arrival airport, flight time and aircraft or helicopter model.
- Maximum flexibility: our service is available 24/7 to suit your travel needs.
-Unique experience: admire the unparalleled panorama of Tuscany from above and enjoy an unforgettable travel experience.

DJ and music on board


Make your evenings unforgettable with an on-board DJ who creates the perfect atmosphere with music tailored to your preferences and the mood of the moment.


An experienced professional will create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion, selecting music tailored to your preferences and the mood of the moment.


A customised music experience:

- We know your taste: tell us the type of music you like and the atmosphere you wish to create, and our DJ will take care of the rest.
- Music for every moment: from chill out for relaxation to a sweeping beat for the dance floor, our DJ will choose the right music for every moment of your evening.
- Interaction and fun: our DJ will engage your guests and create a party atmosphere, making your yachting evening an unforgettable event.

Chef on board


Treat yourself to a first-class dining experience with a personal chef on board, who will prepare tailor-made gourmet dishes to suit your tastes and preferences.


A personalised dining experience:

- A tailor-made menu: share your tastes, allergies and food preferences with our chef and he will create a customised menu for you.
- First-rate ingredients: only fresh, seasonal produce, carefully selected from our local suppliers, to guarantee you an impeccable taste experience.
- Impeccable service: treat yourself to attentive and professional service, with attention to every detail to make your dining experience truly special.

Exclusive tastings on board


A unique sensory experience, discovering local delicacies accompanied by selected wines.


A personalised journey of taste:

- Tailor-made tastings: choose the theme of your tasting, from typical cheeses to fine wines, and our chef will propose a personalised food and wine journey.
- Excellent products: only fresh, seasonal ingredients from the best local producers to guarantee you an authentic and refined taste experience.
- Perfect pairings: our sommelier will match the right wines to the different dishes, enhancing the flavours and creating an unforgettable harmony of taste.
- A suggestive atmosphere: enjoy your tasting in an elegant and refined setting, with a breathtaking view of the Tuscan landscape.



Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation and regeneration with our on-board massages.


Experienced therapists will take care of you, bringing you relief and well-being through customised techniques and high-quality products.


A tailor-made wellness experience:

- Personalised massages: each treatment is tailored to your needs and preferences, for a unique, tailor-made wellness experience.
- Different techniques: from Swedish to shiatsu, our team of therapists offers you a wide choice of massage techniques to suit every need.

Hairdresser and Beautician


Take care of yourself and your appearance with our on-board beauty and hairdressing services.


Experienced professionals will take care of you, ensuring a flawless look during your stay at the Marina di Scarlino.


From facial and body treatments to hair styling, our team of professionals offers a wide range of services to meet your every need.

Personal Trainer on Board


Reach your fitness goals with our onboard personal trainer service. An experienced professional will guide you through customised workouts, tailored to your needs and goals.


Maximum flexibility: workouts can take place at any time of the day, on board your yacht or ashore, depending on your needs.

Concierge service for parcels and correspondence


Our concierge service takes care of our guests' parcels and correspondence, offering a convenient and secure solution for their delivery and collection needs.

Visits and Tasting in the area's wine cellars


Unique and customised experiences:

- Exclusive tours: access historic and renowned wineries and discover the secrets of Tuscan wine production. Possibility of organising chauffeur-driven transfers to the cellars.
- Guided tastings: an expert sommelier will guide you through the discovery of fine wines, explaining their history, characteristics and the best pairings with typical foods.
- Perfect pairings: savour the wines in combination with typical local products, such as cheeses, cured meats, extra virgin olive oil and other gastronomic specialities.
- A suggestive atmosphere: tastings in unique and evocative settings, immersed in the breathtaking landscapes of the Tuscan hills.

Tee Times Reservation


Turn your passion for golf into an unforgettable experience.

Our team of experts is on hand to assist you in booking your tee time at the best golf courses in the area.