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To strengthen team cohesion
Develop creativity and collaboration
Link corporate culture to the world of wine



The team meets at one of the most prestigious wineries in the area. After a short introductory briefing, the participants divide into groups and set to work to create their own wine cuvee.


The first step is to establish the identity of their 'cellar'. The groups must reflect on their own history, values and vision for the future. These reflections will then be useful in defining the type of wine they want to create.


The second step is blending, the blending of different grape varieties to make a unique wine. The groups must work together to find the perfect combination of flavours and aromas.


Once the wine is obtained, it is time to bottle it and make the label. The groups must give free rein to their creativity to create a product that is representative of their work.


Finally, the groups must create a commercial to launch their wine on the market. The commercial must be in line with the corporate culture and must convey the values of the team.


Expected results:

At the end of the activity, participants will have acquired a new awareness of teamwork and collaboration. They will also be more creative and motivated, and will have strengthened their sense of belonging to the team.


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