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An unforgettable day exploring the Tuscan hinterland

The programme includes


- Raid briefing

Basic driving techniques - Safety - Radio use - Crews, etc.

A meeting room or reserved area with flip charts would be preferable for the briefing.


Delivery of the vehicles to the teams.


The vehicles will be prepared, named, numbered and ready to go in the reserved area in front of the hotel. Departure for the raid, which will take place along the coastline and in hilly areas inland. The route is partly on paved roads and partly on easy/medium-difficulty dirt tracks. Part of the route will be driven in a column and part will be driven using a road book.


- Team building:

Special tests and scoring activities may be included in the programme to provide a final team ranking.

Depending on the itinerary, there may be a stopover during the raid with possible visits to historic centres, towns, wineries and places of cultural interest.


CREWS: Each crew will consist of 4 people per car. Guests will take turns driving the vehicle.


ASSISTANCE: Vehicles with support staff and guides at the front and back.


COMMUNICATIONS: To ensure maximum safety and guest involvement, each vehicle will be equipped with a high performance vehicle radio.


SHUTTLING: Shuttling will be carried out partly by a column guide and partly by individual guides using road books.


For more information:

+39 0566 866 117