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Scarlino Diving Center

Experience the magic of the Tuscan seabed

The depth of the sea hides real treasures. Diving to find out about the underwater world is an unforgettable adventure, as Giada Cacco, owner of the Scarlino Diving Center tells us.

Hi Giada, what services does the Scarlino Diving Center offer?
We have been the diving center of the Marina di Scarlino for 9 years. Our expert team offers diving, baptisms of the sea, courses to take the certification, and snorkelling. We also rent the equipment.

Our services are designed based on customer experience and are accessible to everyone: adults, children aged 8 and over, and people with disabilities. Our divemasters always accompany the group or the individual.

We propose different diving courses, based on requests. From the age of 10, even children can take the certification and dive up to 12 meters deep. We organize day and night dives, paying attention to ensuring an amazing and safe experience even for disabled people.

The “baptism of the sea” is the first diving experience. The instructor accompanies the “baptizing” to a maximum depth of 5 meters to admire the richness of the fauna and flora living in the Tuscan seabed. This adventure leaves in people a sense of wonder.

Can you tell us about a diving day?
Based on customer experience, we create groups of up to 12 people. If you choose the half-day diving, with the dinghy we can go to Punta Ala and the Scoglio dello Sparviero, as well as to Cerboli or Elba island. Instead, if you book the whole day, we reach the Formiche di Grosseto or Pianosa island. The Marina di Scarlino enjoys a strategic position on the Tuscan coast near spectacular destinations, indeed.

Both during the trip and after the dives, the guide tells about the area, and explains the flora and fauna that customers see during the immersion. Between one dip and another, they have a couple of snacks. In fact, diving burns a lot of calories and people are hungry!

Once in the water, the divemaster leads the group and takes the souvenir photo. The sea always changes: even diving several times in the same point is always a discovery!

Who can dive?
Everyone, from 8 to 99 years old!
There are those who love the sea, are curious about life underwater and want to explore it. Others just wish to have a new experience. Someone dives to overcome the fear of water and …he/she makes it. Furthermore, many families book this activity to share a special moment.

At the bottom of the sea you can find everything, but also on the surface: when we are lucky, we also happen to spot the rare blue whales! Gift yourself with an amazing day: dive in the rich water of the Tuscan coast with Scarlino Diving Center!

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