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Doga, the contemporary wine bar of the Marina di Scarlino

Enjoy the sea view, a glass of excellent wine, and delicious dishes in a unique venue

Sea and land. Tradition and innovation. Wine passion and high-quality ingredients. All this is Doga wine bar. Alessio Santini, owner and manager of this restaurant, along with his partner Giada Serafini, tells us about how his dream came true.

Hi Alessio, please tell us about your project “Doga” in Marina di Scarlino
First, “Doga” means “stave”. We chose this name because it represents a link between the wine and the nautical world. Staves are fundamental to building both barriques (wine barrels) and boat hulls, indeed.

We start our business in 2019 with the opening of a small wine bar. The prestigious winemaker Carpineto supported us from the beginning. Our clients loved so much our offer that we decided to become a modern wine bar with a restaurant inspired by Bolgheri and Chianti venues.

Food&Wine then. But why is Doga a special place?
We created a restaurant that could satisfy Marina the Scarlino clients’ needs all day long. We offer you homemade cakes for breakfast as well as Tuscan-style cocktails after dinner time. Ours is a traditional cuisine with modern touches. We propose you fish, meat as well as vegetarian recipes and gluten-free dishes. Our pasta is homemade, and we only cook with ingredients coming from selected local suppliers. The relationship with local realities is the heart of Doga cuisine, indeed.

Of course, wine is the king at Doga. We offer a wide choice of premium brands that I’ve personally chosen. Some of them are rare productions such as, for instance, straw wine made with Vermentino raisins and limited editions of Bolgheri bottles. Moreover, we are partnering with the winemaker La Cura and Pisa university to produce a sunken wine within the amazing Cala Violina waters. This specific amphora wine will be available from next year.

What will I experience if I reserve a table in Doga?
You will find yourself in a peaceful oasis. Our clients love Doga’s atmosphere. In addition to having an amazing Tuscan-style meal, here you can work, meet friends or just take a moment for yourself while looking at the sea. Our spot is perfect to enjoy the sunset. Children love playing with their dogs on the lateral lawns. Moreover, starting from end of May, we’ll be having apéritif and dinner nights accompanied by live music at least once a week.

Seeing loyal customers coming over and over again to our wine bar is our greatest satisfaction.

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