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Dinghy Rental at the Marina di Scarlino

The discovery of Tuscan islands and bays starts on an elegant dinghy

The Tuscan coast boasts amazing bays enhanced by crystal clear waters and rich in fish. Tuscany Maremma is a perfect example. Do you know a better way to discover all the secrets of its coast than driving a dinghy for a day trip?

Matteo Casuccio, the owner of Dinghy Rental, tells about the service that its business provides at the Marina di Scarlino.

Hi Matteo, how did you start this business?
Our agency has opened 5 years ago to offer a high-quality service to visitors, tourists, and Resort guests.

What does characterize Dinghy Rental service?
We have a fleet of 9 dinghies equipped with canopy and cushions. 7 of these dinghies don’t need a licence to be driven. They have up to 40-horsepower engines, indeed. Instead, the other 2 dinghies can be driven only with a licence. Driving a dinghy is easy as driving a car. Up to 6 persons can be hosted on the smallest dinghies, while the biggest can accommodate up to 10 guests.

We rent for a day or for a half-day. The fee starts from 100 euros for a half-day rental during the low season. Ours are fully equipped, elegant dinghies. We pay attention to every detail. Each feature is often checked to grant safety and high-quality service. Moreover, we often change our fleet. We are partners of Suzuki and Seapower, indeed.

Once left the Marina, which locations can I reach with a dinghy?
Once onboard, the dinghy can take you to the wonderful Cala Violina, Cala Martina as well as Isolotto dello Sparviero in 10-15 minutes. We suggest this itinerary to those interested in having this experience for the first time.

People who are used to driving a dinghy can reach Cerboli or Palmaiola islands in 40 minutes. If the client has the boat licence and chooses to rent the bigger dinghy, he/she can plunge into Elba’s waters after a 1-hour trip.

The dinghy is a safe and fast means of transport. It is perfect to discover the Tuscan coast in a day. If you are interested in experiencing an amazing day and enjoying unspoiled locations, then you should contact Dinghy Rental and have fun!

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