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Biagioli, stylish beachwear at the Marina di Scarlino

Clothes, accessories, and swimsuits for a trendy summer

Let’s get to know “Biagioli Laura & Lara”, the boutique where you can find famous brands, beachwear, and much more!

Hi Lara, visiting your shop I will leave with a bag full of…
A glamorous swimsuit, a charming cocktail dress, a cozy beach bag, the perfect dress for a boat trip, just to make a few examples.

We offer female beachwear, and much more. Among our brands, you find Blumarine, Max Mara, F**K e Changit. Our clients love so much our selection that we are opening a new shop dedicated to MC2 Saint Barth at the Marina. This boutique will also have a man and a child collection. Moreover, we produce a “Biagioli” fall-winter collection made of clothes perfect for the city.

What makes me feel welcomed in Biagioli?
I manage the shop together with my sister Laura and our loyal Alessandra. Laura and I grew up surrounded by clothes. Our father had a production company in Prato. We are passionate about the fashion world!

We are friendly, and we always find the perfect items to satisfy client’s needs. Moreover, we are interested in building customer loyalty. This approach works. In fact, we became friends with some customers in particular.

Why did you choose Marina di Scarlino for your project?
We love Tuscany Maremma, since we have always spent our summers here. Our family had the boat at the Marina di Scarlino.

Living by the sea instead of in the city is regenerating, so in 2008 we decided to start some activities in Punta Ala. In 2018, we had the chance to open a shop also within the Marina. Indeed, this is a beautiful place, full of potential. We believe in it so much that, as I said before, we are opening our second boutique.

You can certainly find the perfect garment for your chic summer at “Biagioli Laura & Lara”!

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