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Beccofino, the traditional restaurant of the Marina di Scarlino

A full immersion into the true Tuscan-style cuisine

Beccofino’s secret is to be aware of the richness of its own land, the Tuscany Maremma. Vincenzo and Mara are owners and at the same time sommelier and chef of this panoramic restaurant located in Marina di Scarlino. They reveal to us how they are able to satisfy every refined palate.

Hi Mara, hi Vincenzo, please tell us how Beccofino project was born
Beccofino in Marina is the evolution of our homonymous restaurant based in Follonica since 2004. Traditional receipts cooked only using high-quality ingredients are the secret of our cuisine. Our clients choose us because they are willing to taste real Tuscan-style dishes, indeed.

How would you describe Beccofino’s cuisine?
“Passion” is the keyword.
Vincenzo has turned his passion for the wine world into a job. He is a skilled sommelier, indeed. I chose to be a chef thanks to my mother. She taught me to respect the seasonality and to distinguish all local products.

Our land gifts us with every variety of meat and game, as well as fish and almost all types of vegetables. I love to select every ingredient and get to know nearby producers. Thanks to them, we are able to create an authentic cuisine that our customers appreciate very much.

Each bottle of our cellar is carefully chosen by Vincenzo. We have mainly Tuscan, Venetian and Friulian wines, as well as excellent Italian sparkling wines and important French champagnes. Customers trust Vincenzo a lot. They often ask him suggestions about the pantry of their boats, and he is happy to help them.

What’s Beccofino’s atmosphere?
Familiarity and conviviality welcome you and make you feel pampered. Moreover, both from our terrace and indoor rooms, you can admire the view of the sea and the sunset. Marina di Scarlino is a very charming location, indeed. Here, you can enjoy relaxation and beauty.

Having been here for six years, we have a lot of loyal customers, both Italian and foreign, who come to greet us even in winter and bring their friends to discover our dishes. From the light lunch during the week to a romantic dinner, from Sunday lunches with a sea view to take-away, Beccofino is ready to amaze you with the goodness of its simplicity.

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