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Art will save the sea

Art exhibition by Annarita Serra with Federica Ghizzoni

Monday 14 August from 7.30 p.m.

Art exhibition 'Art will save the sea' by Annarita Seraa with Federica Ghizzoni.


Annarita Serra was born in Sardinia but grew up in Milan.

She graduated from the Liceo Artistico Statale II° in Brera and interrupted her studies in Architecture.

Her exhibition activity began in 2006, leaving behind an experience gained in the field of Marketing.


To realise her works, she uses discarded objects skilfully reassembled, in order to achieve an intense aesthetic commitment and an energetic, yet gentle, communicability.

Her works, through a masking beauty, bear witness to the silent cry for help of an increasingly contaminated nature.

The artist pays particular attention to the problem of plastic that pollutes the seas.


Many of her works, made with plastic he collects from beaches, are icons and famous people, used as if they were brushstrokes.

The effect is a recognisable image that attracts attention, only when you get closer do you discover the material it is made of, simple plastic spat out of the sea.

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