Stories from the Marina

People, clubs, and boutiques enhance the Marina di Scarlino and welcome you to this slice of heaven within Tuscany Maremma.

“Stories from the Marina” is a journey to discover each person and his/her projects. Getting to know their unique stories and curiosities you will feel the passion for their jobs.

Enjoy the reading!


The elegant boutique where to find out clothes, fragrances, and handcraft


The yachting accessories shop of the Marina di Scarlino


The charter for your sea holidays


Experience the magic of the Tuscan seabed 


Gift yourself with a delicious moment


The association that promotes sailing and organizes international regattas at the Marina di Scarlino


The supermarket of quality goods


The shop that proposes you both sailing and casual gear at the Marina di Scarlino


Image consultants to discover our own style


Charter, sales, and service of Jeanneau sailboats and Excess catamarans


The discovery of Tuscan islands and bays starts on an elegant dinghy


The famous beach club of the Marina di Scarlino


Berths and new luxury apartments for sale: your Tuscan dream can come true


The panoramic restaurant that makes everybody happy


The Made in Italy brand for yachtsman and enthusiasts


Bike lovers’ favourite shop


Clothes, accessories, and swimsuits for a trendy summer


A full immersion into the true Tuscan-style cuisine


Enjoy the sea view, a glass of excellent wine, and delicious dishes

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