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Cycling with a champion

Learning from a champion, sharing with a friend

Sharing the true essence of cycling with Fabio is a unique experience, not only on a sporting level, but also on a personal level. His innate empathy makes him not only a champion from whom you can learn the secrets of this sport, but also a true "friend" with whom you can share the best of your experiences and passions in a natural and spontaneous way.


The incomparable charm of cycling in Tuscany - nature, food and wine, history, traditions... Cycling routes in Tuscany allow you to admire wonders unique in the world.


Landscapes vary continuously in all directions: from the white marble of the Apuan Alps in the north, to the marshes of the Maremma in the south, from the beaches and cliffs of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the crest of the Apennines in the east, crossing hill systems that make Tuscany famous for its unique landscapes. Its roads are the cradle of great champions who fought and lived here. Tuscany has always been a region dedicated to cycling, with an extraordinary cycling tradition: "Tuscany, land of cyclists".


Beginners, amateurs or experts that you are, Fabio Aru Academy is a program made "ad hoc", with itineraries tailored to you and complete in every respect, followed by a staff of professionals and assistants always at your service. Bring your desire for sport and fun, we will take care of the rest!



- Staff and support vehicles with doctor, mechanic, supervisor, tour leader and guide will always follow the group.

- The support vehicle will always be at the rear of the convoy, providing constant assistance to the participants, with forklifts available and space to load participants' bikes as needed.

- Comfort amenities, guest bags, and seating will be available in the minivan for those who wish to take breaks along the way.



Example 30 participants

Participants will be divided into 2 groups of 15 bikers each.

Each group will be accompanied and followed by 2 "Bike Leaders" positioned at the front and back of the group who will be responsible for keeping the group together and properly positioned on the road.


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