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The idyllic countryside, the countless leisure activities, the professional service - there are several factors that contribute to the charm of Marina di Scarlino. But one thing stands out above all others: the sea. The design of the apartments emphasises the stunning view of the sea and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Grouped around the harbour and main square, each one offers at least one or two bedrooms, a dining room area with a kitchen and one to three terraces. The living area varies from 48 to 123 m2, excluding the terraces, which in some cases are almost as large as the interior living space.

The details highlight just how well thought-out the entire concept is. The building complex has an underground car park and the apartment level is directly accessible via lifts or stairs - as is the Piazza. Great attention to detail has been paid to design aspects, ensuring that particulars such as sun shades and flowerpots blend perfectly into the overall setting.